The ownership of Gosport Masonic Hall Ltd (GMHL) is via shares held by the eight Craft Lodges meeting at Gosport. The management has a Main Board of Directors comprising one Director from each of the eight Lodges and four appointed Director posts including the Chairman, Treasurer and Social Director.

The Main Board has three sub-groups:

The Building & Maintenance Sub-Group

The Finance & Administration Sub-Group

The Social Committee Sub-Group

There are regular Main Board and Sub-group Board Meetings.

The Mission Statement of GMHL is as follows:

'To provide well maintained premises for Masonic activities in Gosport and to promote appropriate fund raising to assist Lodges in their economic and charitable functions.'

Gosport Masonic Hall is now in good order and in another 100 years time it is hoped that future masons will feel that brethren at the beginning of the 21st century played their part to continue the financial efforts of their forebears at the beginning of the 20th century.