Gosport Masonic Hall

Masonic Information & Venue Hire

Welcome to the Gosport Masonic Hall

The Gosport Masonic Hall has been catering for all Masonic requirements in Gosport for nearly 100 years. The Masonic Hall is home to 8 Craft Lodges as well as 11 other Masonic Degrees and Orders. In connection to the Gosport Masonic Hall is the Clarence Suite, which is available for hire to the public for meetings, parties, wedding receptions, events & conferences.

Becoming a Freemason

Integrity, Kindness, Honesty, Fairness and Tolerance

Freemasonry is about making new friends and acquaintances, and being able to help deserving causes - making a contribution to family and society. It's a most rewarding pastime and hobby that's enjoyed by all its members.

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